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CORG provide extension list of trusted services made available by global Ciphscoin Community. Ciphscoin is a digital currency based on freeware open source project. Scroll below to reach out any part of planet earth within 12 second using Ciphscoin as trustless payment.

Official Ciphscoin Website
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Ciphscoin Web is based on decentralize domain. Browser extension are needed to resolve the DNS. Download Extension here.  For Mobile? Use Yandex browser and download provided  extension to visit 
Ciphscoin Web 

Ciphscoin Blockchain Explorer
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CXPLORER served Ciphscoin blockchain explorer.  All valid Ciphscoin transactions are accessible using CXPLORER for anyone to use anytime. The service are sponsored by  Community of CORG.

Listing Ciphscoin Services?
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New listing of Ciphscoin service can be made by submitting a pull request to CORG repo on Github. Visit CORG Repo for submission.

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